Scrabble Wine Charms (Alice in Wonderland or Jabberwocky)


Unique double-sided wine charms inspired by Alice’s magical tour down the rabbit hole and through the looking glass.  Designed using upcycled Scrabble tiles, the collection features vintage artwork from Lewis Carroll’s wonderful adventure, Alice in Wonderland and the nonsensical world Alice finds on the other side of the looking glass.  The Alice wine charms feature Alice and all of the quirky friends and foes she encounters on her journey.  The Jabberwocky wine charms feature the Sir John Tenniel’s mythical Jabberwock dragon, and the fanciful borogoves, mome raths, and toves.  

Reversible wine charms are set on Scrabble tiles that spell WONDER on the Alice set and assorted nonsense words like UFFISH, TULGEY and JUBJUB on the Jabberwocky set.  The tiles are coated with an epoxy glaze that provides durable protection and a glass-like finish.  It’s like getting two sets of wine charms for one price!

Set of 6 hoop style wine charms.

NOTE: The wine charms are water-resistant, but they are NOT waterproof.  Therefore, the charms should only be cleaned by gently wiping with a DRY cloth, if necessary.  Do NOT wet with water or any liquid cleaner.


GO GREEN and celebrate the planet with this upcycled one-of-a-kind set of wine charms.


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