Jabberwock Recipe Cards


Dreaming of breakfast at the Jabberwock Inn?  Imperial Fiddlestick or Phantasmagoria?  Now you can make them at home.  4″x 6″ recipe cards featuring our deleeksious recipes on one side and the Jabberwocky poem on the other.  Breakfast and appetizers.  Collect them all!


For breakfast:

Jabberjuice – our award winning breakfast juice.

Deleeksious Tweedledums – smoked ham and cheese baked omlette.

Imperial Fiddlesticks – cheese souffle with mango salsa.

Phantasmagoria – breakfast bread pudding with vanilla sauce.

Nuddy Nubble Abblestuffle – apple, carrot, sweet potato breakfast bake.

Macassaroil – baked egg and sausage casserole.

Piffalantro – green bean and mushroom casserole.

For wine and hors d’ourvres:

Okey Dokey Artichokey – artichoke and cheese hot dip.

Parmolive Brushetta – black olive and cheese brushetta.

Radious Frabjous Cheddar – “beddah cheddah” cheese dip from New Orleans.

Jabberwock Inn Recipe Cards


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