Jabberwocky Candles by Tina Button


Artist Tina Button’s handbuilt ceramic Jabberwocky candle holders with handmade lightly scented candles are exclusively made for the Jabberwock Inn.  The large size features Sir John Tenniel’s Jabberwock dragon and the beamish boy with his vorpal sword. The medium features just the mythical dragon.  Both are adorned with ceramic mushrooms seeming to grow right out of the sides.  

The large candle cylinder is 5 3/4″ tall by 3 1/2″ diameter and 4 3/4″ wide with the mushrooms.

The medium candle cylinder is 4 ” tall by  3/12″ in diameter and 4 1/2 wide with the mushrooms. 


Ceramic artist Tina Button is a local from Santa Cruz county.  Her designs feature fantastical creatures with a vintage flair, making her work the perfect match for Alice and her quirky friends and foes and the mythical Jabberwock dragon.


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