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  • Alice in Wonderland Chessmen with the entire cast of characters!  Alice, the Mad Hatter, the White Rabbit, Queen of Hearts, and the rest, all come to life in this amazing set of chessmen.  Pawn height 2.5 inches to King height 3.25 inches.  Chessmen are painted resin.  New for 2022 - Chessmen available on a 14.5 inch faux leather chessboard in blue and cream or red and cream.    
  • Decoupage handmade Alice in Wonderland recipe box including all ten Jabberwock Inn recipe cards (a $20 value).  Our award winning Jabberjuice.  Savory breakfasts:  Imperial Fiddlesticks, Macassaroil, Deleeksious Tweedledums, and Piffalantro.  Sweet breakfasts:  Phantasmagoria and Nutty Nubble Abblestuffle.  Appetizers: Radous Frabjous Cheddar, Okey Dokey Artichochey, and Parmolive Brushcetta.  Plus 4 tabbed dividers and 18 blank recipe cards.   Recipe box - 5 x 6 3/8 x 3 3/8 inches.  Recipe cards - 4 x 6 inches.
  • Beware the Jabberwock my son!  The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!  This mystical Haitian metal dragon is hand-cut from a flattened 55 gallon steel oil drum.  The details are expertly created with just a hammer and chisel, resulting in a beautiful piece of collector quality Haitian steel drum art.  Dimensions 14" x 18".
  • Jabberwock Inn gift certificates are sold in increments of $100.  Consider bundling a certificate with a gift from the online gift shop. When checking out, please let us know under Additional Information, who the gift certificate is for, who it is from, and if you would like a special message.  
  • Beware the Jabberwock my friend!  You are frumiously close to owning your new favorite mug.  Our Jabberwock mugs are handcrafted by a team of artists at the family owned Deneen Pottery Studio in St. Paul, MN.  Embellished with a rendition of our 1910 Craftsman home, our 12 oz. 4 in. tall mugs come in a number of marbled gaze shades.  What's your favorite color?
  • Illustrated by the famed Charles Santore, Lewis Carroll's fearful Jabberwock, Jubjub Bird, Frumious Bandersnatch, and more are brought to new life in stunning illustration.  After three years illustrating Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Santore ventured into Through The Looking Glass and encountered The Jabberwocky poem.   Hardback cover.  11 1/4 x 11 1/4 inches.
  • Inspired by Arts & Crafts landscape friezes, which featured stylized views of forest scenery, this Craftsman Tree Candle embodies the Arts & Crafts ideal of bringing nature into the home.  When lit, the play of light from the flame brings life to the surface of the candle, like light shining through stained glass.  Once a sufficient amount of wax has melted, a "refill" votive candle can be placed in the well, ensuring that your Moon Alley Candle will last and last.   Dimensions:   8.75 to 9 inches tall by 4 inches in diameter.
  • Whimsical beaded art sculptures, handsculpted and beaded in Haiti.  The Beadworx artisans have spent years mastering the street art craft of bending and shaping the wire frames and wrapping them in glass beads to make folk art octopus, jellyfish, seahorses, starfish, turtles and more.  Octopus dimensions - 9 x 9 x 6 inches, available in two colors.
  • Let the Jabberwock Dragon fire breath your favorite wine into a glass.  Or choose from a host of other character wine pourers.  Stainless steel pourer-aerator with silicone rubber fitting.  Comes with one extra rubber fitting.  
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    HOOK, LINE, AND SINKER Oyster Shell Christmas Ornaments Set of two oyster shell ornaments featuring an oyster shell, with a real 7mm pearl, "caught" on a fish hook. Rigged with real fishing tackle, these ornaments are sure to hook you a big one. Coastal colored beads accent the jingle bell sinker line. Notice the baby oyster on the back of the ornament with blue stone beads, and the barnacle on the back of the ornament with seafoam and coral beads. The perfect gift for fisherman this holiday season.   Each hand-finished oyster shell is sealed with a high gloss resin to give it a fresh-shucked wet look, revealing the oyster shell's rich colors on both the front and the back. Oyster shell size is 3 inches, overall ornament is 6 inches. The hook and barb have been safely filed down. ART ON THE HALF SHELL Artfully coastal gifts for the oyster and seafood connoisseur and coastal lifestyle enthusiast.
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    Beautifully hand-crafted oyster shell wall clock featuring a dozen Pacific oyster shells set like the hours around a blue and white marble patterned plate. Quartz white sea glass fills the plate bottom like melting ice. The 12 o'clock hour is embellished with a real 7mm pearl.  Each hand-selected 3 to 3 1/4 inch oyster shell is polished with a glossy sealer to give it a fresh-shucked wet look, revealing the oyster shell's rich colors.  So fresh looking you can almost taste the cool salty oysters when you check the time!  The American made quartz clock movement requires 1 AA battery. The clock comes ready to hang with a hook on the back, or it can be displayed on a plate stand. Clock diameter is 10 3/4 inches. ART ON THE HALF-SHELL Artfully coastal timepieces for the oyster and seafood connoisseur and coastal lifestyle enthusiast.
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    HOOK, LINE, AND SINKER Christmas Ornaments Set of 2 abalone shell ornaments featuring a Monterey Bay abalone shell "caught" on a fishhook. Rigged with real fishing tackle and jingle bell sinker; coral, seafoam blue beads, and an oval mother of pearl bead accent the sinker line. The perfect gift for the fisherman.  The hand-finished abalone shells are coated with a high gloss resin to give them a fresh from the ocean wet look, revealing the shell's turquoise and coral striped outside and the iridescent mother of pearl inside. Notice the distinctive snail spiral shape of the back of the shell. Abalone shell size is 3 1/2 inches, overall ornament is 5 inches. The hook and barb have been safely filed down. ART ON THE HALF SHELL Artfully coastal gifts for the oyster and seafood connoisseur and coastal lifestyle enthusiast.



Monterey is a city on California‚Äôs rugged central coast. Its Cannery Row, one-time center of the sardine-packing industry, was immortalized by novelist John Steinbeck. Today, it’s a popular strip of gift shops, seafood restaurants and bars in converted factories. Also famous is Monterey Bay Aquarium, with thousands of marine animals and plants on display in underwater and interactive exhibits.

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